2019 ANNUAL EXHIBITION … Ballina RSL MAY 24, 25,& 26

Ballina Art Society Newsletter March 2019

Hello Members and Friends,

Term I began with a new team of organizers and though still ‘finding their feet,’ are doing a great job.

Our tutor this term was Christine Read. Christine’s presentations gave us insights into how best to choose and utilise different media to fit the aim of our project. She tutored our beginning artists at their level of expertise, as well as mentoring and stretching those among us who are more proficient.

Christine Read.jpg

Quote of the Month  Resolve the Issues  Be aware of negative space  ‘think of composition’ “It may be time to stop; consider if our aims have been achieved.”

Out and About

One of our members, Roger Jones, visited the GOMA Exhibition in Brisbane early in the term and has kindly shared his observations with us. He visited the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9). This exhibition (closing 28th April) showcases many Asian artists, including those from small island populations.

One intriguing piece is an image on fabric about four metres in length which includes several phoenix in a formal religious scene. The piece, entitled ‘Water Has Never Feared Fire’ by Pakistani artist Aisha Khalid, is a triptych of textiles embedded with long pins. Walking behind the hanging, the pins could be seen sticking through the fabric.

The complete image is made up of pin heads

The complete image is made up of pin heads

Feather Swirl.png

Another intriguing piece in a 'S' shape swirl has 2,000 pieces on a large 10m long concave wall.

It is comprised of microscopic photos of bees and is fascinating.

Member Helen Craig jumped into the deep end and took on the market scene on Australia Day. She participated in the Bangalow Designers Market. There were others with some prints, potters, clothing makers, furniture makers, jewellery and all sorts. There were no others with original paintings on canvas. Although not very busy, she managed to sell 6 items at bargain prices, and so came out ahead. This might be something the club considers sponsoring in the future, for those interested.

Bangalow Mkt.jpg

Helen Craig will be exhibiting in the next session. Her vibrant body of work is sure to draw some interest. In April/May we have a vacancy. Please contact Helen to reserve your spot, as soon as possible (0408871820). Remember that a few members can always share the available space.

Exhibition Space

Our esteemed member, Charlotte Russell, took the opportunity to display several works at SOUL CAFÉ during February/March. Her work is always inspiring so we all hope that someone will love her painting enough to make a purchase.

Soul Cafe.jpg

Social Activities

Term 1 had no social events to speak of; but there is an Art competition for those that may be interested. It is organised by the Lions Club of MacGregor, Brisbane, and called “Art Extravaganza”. There are three sections made for three geographical regions. The displays will be held in shopping centres close to each region. The prize money looks interesting. The DUE DATE for entries is 23 May 2019 (with photos). For information go to www.brisbanemacgregor.qld.lions.org.au You may also send me an email and I will pass on the information.


Don’t forget: Final day to submit entry forms for our Annual Exhibition is 16 May. The actual Exhibition dates are 24,25 & 26 May.

President: Cecily Barrack cecilybarrack@gmail.com Secretary: Julia Drury Julia_drury1@hotmail.com Treasurer: Tina Farrow farrowtina@bigpond.com Editor: Dagmar Titherington dagmart@ycw.com.au

 If you are interested in joining our club please contact our secretary Julia or President Cecily. Be sure you read our mission statements and what we offer to make the right choices for you.