BAS 46th Annual Exhibition

Ballina RSL, 

1st, 2nd, & 3rd,  June 2018, 

 featuring : PRAWNOGRAPHY- local scenes with our Ballina icon included- silent auction for this section only.

Opening night 6pm.        Free entry.

Colouring book featuring many artists works available on the night

ARTIST WORKS you can look forward to:

Barry Mason

Dagmar Titherington

Patricia Wilson

Gloria Gosling

Julia Drury

Helen Craig

Rena Hurley

Tina Farrow

Darian Midwinter

Tad Slufinski

Sue Kelly

Krysia McLeod

Maggie Cross,   

Charlotte Russell

Cecily Barrack   ,.....  and many  more



Landscape by Patricia Wilson- see at 2018 exhibition

ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2017  PRIZE WINNERS OF PRIZESLANDSCAPE:  Ist “ West McDonnells”  ME Brown 2nd “ The Kitchen Hut“  Barry Haines,  HC “ Abandoned Hut“  Barry Mason WATERSCAPE;  1st “Sandy Pathway- Shelley beach" Gloria Gosling , 2nd “Lennox perfect” Helen Craig , HC “Alone” Maggie Cross FIGURATIVE: 1st “ Blind Man”  Tad Slufinski ,2nd "Refugee Woman"  L Spring , HC "Norfolk Chooks" Krysia McLeod STILL LIFE 1st “ Rose ” B Haines, 2nd “ Swamp Bloodwood" Krysia McLeod,  HC   “ Peony Therapy" Rena Hurley ABSTRACT 1st “ Carnivale" S Hollier, 2nd “ Teabeau" L Spring, HC “The Falls" Darian Midwinter. ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD;  Darian Midwinter BEST NUDE -Mayors Choice  "Blue Lady " by Ron Moore BEST IN SHOW: Margaret Brown   "Haven in the Wetlands" POPULAR CHOICE: Gloria Gosling for "Sandy pathway- Shelley Beach"
Barry Mason drawing

Barry Mason Landscape- see at 2018 exhibition

 Gallery  of Exhibitions by Ballina Art Society shown below