Regular Classes and Workshops



TERM 3: JENNY SAYER MULTI MEDIA 1st August to 19th September


Thursdays 9am set up - 3pm Scout Hall, Canal Road, Ballina. The class is limited to 28 participants.

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Term 4 Oct 17th - Nov 29th Nov 2019

Jennifer Collins Print making


Term 1 FEB - APRIL 2020 ( Exact dates TBC)

Katka Adams Pastels


 CONCLUDED TERM 1: CHRISTINE READ 7th February to 28th March

 Christine Read is a member of Lennox Arts Collective 2/72 Ballina St, Lennox Head and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She has regular workshops in Lennox Head and also runs art retreats locally and in England and France. Christine paints in acrylics, oil and gouache as well as drawing with pencil, ink, charcoal and silk screen printing on textiles. Subject matter is primarily landscape, seascape and still life, but drawing people and keeping a visual diary/art journal is an important part of her practice.

 ‘As an art tutor I aim to encourage each artist to find their own creative spark and style. My own work is characteristically colourful with a fairly loose impressionistic style. I do not like the idea of ‘rules’ in art but do work from a base that includes realism, colour, tone and texture.’

 In class I like to provide some structure for those who wish to learn specific elements of art practice (e.g. use of colour, painting water, botanical painting and drawing, fundamentals of brushwork, working with mixed media, constructing and deconstructing a landscape, still life etc) and to allow those who are working on particular projects to continue but happy to give guidance as requested. Please let me know if there is a specific topic you would like to cover - I am happy to be flexible and to cover new areas or revisit old ones.

CONCLUDED TERM 2: TONY LEITCH - OILS  2nd May to 20th June,

Tony trained at the Canberra School of Art and has extensive experience across a range of visual arts as well as leading major Art Museum installations in both Australia and International venues.

Tony has been a full-time artist since 2008, working primarily in oils. He is very accomplished in his preferred genre of ‘realism’, drawing inspiration from rural and urban landscapes and portrait subject matter. Tony was available to provide individual guidance for members to add final artistic flair to their incomplete artworks in any medium.

Tony will provided group tuition focused on the importance of planning composition prior to commencing an artwork. At each class he demonstrated how to optimise the use of shapes and structures with a variety of subject matter to create Still Life artworks.

The Society holds 4 terms of tuition of 8 weeks duration each year. Application forms ONLY available at the end of term for the following term

Direct Deposits into the Society’s account - please inform Julia via email :   or Tina via email, and indicate name on the transfer advice.  Commonwealth Bank BSB 062 502 Account 00901131

Regular Tutors for BAS

Rene Bolton

Painting and drawing is an integral part of the rhythm and structure of daily life for classically trained artist Rene Bolten.

Bolten’s drawing practice is an exploration of mark making rather than subject; he says “I know how to make them, but don’t know what they are”.

After producing up to 100 drawings a day the artist puts the work aside until he has enough distance to review them and possibly name what is recognisable. In contrast, his paintings are an investigation of subject and technique, “I know what I want to paint, but don’t know how to do it”.

Bolten’s relentless pursuit for answers results in paintings with an intimate sensory and physical presence. 

Mike King

The driving visual force inspiring Mike King Prime's landscape paintings are the rainforests and beaches of north-eastern NSW and the deserts and canyons of south-western USA.

His style is quite unique, a progression from the traditional watercolour technique to a vibrant impressionistic realism using liquid acrylic colours. Using a basic four colour palette, he prefers to mix his own hues and colours. All works are painted on canvas or acid-free board.

Equally at home in both sides of the Pacific, he now has studios in Lismore NSW, and Scottsdale Arizona.

David Lane

After completing his study at the National Art School in Sydney he moved to the beautiful environs on the North Coast of New South Wales.

Regional New South Wales and in particular this glorious landscape which surrounds his studio remains a strong visual magnet for the work he produced. However having travelled extensively throughout Australia he has painted a variety of landscapes from desert to ocean.

David continues to be inspired by the Australian environment and successfully exhibits his work both locally and throughout Australia and is represented in a number of collections here and overseas.

Click here to view David's website 

Tony Leitch

Tony Leitch studied visual arts majoring in printmaking at Canberra School of Art in the late 1970’s. He was Head of Installations at the Australian National Gallery and has also worked in Museums in Saudi Arabia and China installing collections.

Tony’s landscapes and figurative work have been influenced by his experiences of living and working in Central Australia, Saudi Arabia, China and on the North Coast of NSW. His oil paintings have been purchased by Australian and overseas collectors.


Harry provides exciting workshops in water colour, but is just as happy in other mediums. Harry loves doing work "en plein air" and teaches in varying locations around the Northern Rivers. He loves painting in the environment so much he runs workshops on Norfolk island and in Assisi Italy, once a year. His free and natural style are an inspiration and he is the master of demonstration

See his work at