We support artists by providing a creative, encouraging and friendly learning environment.



  • motivate members to paint

  • encourage regular attendance at classes

  • support and encourage each other

  • provide opportunities and resources which increase

  • knowledge about art and artists

  • improve the skill levels of each member

  • increase the self confidence of members

  • develop the appreciation of all art

  • encourage self expression

  • encourage social activity

  • maintain a high level of respect for the Society and the work of its members

  • promote the Society

  • increase membership



      Selecting tutors who:

  • are knowledgeable about a wide variety of art

  • are flexible in their approach to individual needs

  • allow for individual expression

  • support the use of a wide selection of media

  • provide supportive feedback to individuals

  • encourage self evaluation.

  • holding at least one exhibition annually

  • ensuring that the venue is safe and equipment is appropriate

  • organising visits to galleries

  • encouraging members to socialise with all members at class

  • seeking opportunities for positive publicity

  • developing and maintaining a website

  • holding special activities for prospective members

  • continuing to support existing members